International Lounges

There are 11 International Lounges in Yokohama City.
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Yokohama Inernational Lounges

What you can do at International Lounge

You can obtain daily-life information.

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You can consult in multi-languages.

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You can attend Japanese classes they offer.

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​You (both Japanese and foreign residents) can request an interpreter.
(some conditions apply)

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You can have chances to international exchage with Japanese.

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Aoba International Lounge

Access 1-min. walk from Denentoshi Line Tana Station
Address Aoba Community and Cross-Cultural Center, 76 Tana-cho, Aoba-ku

IzumiMulticulturalCommunity Corner

Access 5-min. walk from Sotetsu Line Izumi-chuo Station
Address 1F Izumi Ward Office, 5-1-1 Izumi-chuo-kita, Izumi-ku

Kanazawa InternationalLounge

Access 11-min. walk from Keikyu Line Kanazawa-bunko Station, 13-min. walk from Keikyu Line / Seaside Line Kanazawa-hakkei Station
Address 2F Kanazawa Ward Office,2-9-1 Deiki, Kanazawa-ku

Kohoku International Lounge

Access 8-min. walk from JR / Toyoko Line Kikuna Station,15-min. walk from JR / Subway Shinyokohama Station
Address 316-1 Mamedo-cho Kohoku-ku

Konan InternationalLounge

Access 3-min.walk from Subway / Keikyu Line Kamioooka Station
Address 13F Yumeooka Office Tower 1-6-1, Kamioooka-nishi, Konan-ku

Tsuzuki Multicultural & Youth Plaza

Access 3-min. walk from Subway Center-Kita Station
Address Northport Mall 5th Floor, 1-25-1 Nakagawa-Chuo, Tsuzuki-ku

Tsurumi International Lounge

Access 1-min. walk from JR Tsurumi Station / Keikyu Line Keikyu-Tsurumi Station
Address 2F See Crane 1-31-2 Tsurumi-chuo, Tsurumi-ku

Naka International Lounge

Access 3-min. walk from Minatomirai Line Nihon-odori Station, 7-min. walk from JR / Subway Kannai Station
Address 1st FL. of Naka Ward Office Annex,35 Nihon-odori,Naka-ku

Hodogaya International Lounge

Access 2-min. walk from Sotetsu Line Tennocho Station, 10-min. walk from JR Hodogaya station
Address 1st floor of Iwama Shimin Plaza,1-7-15 Iwama-cho Hodogaya-ku

Midori International Lounge

Access 2-min. walk from JR / Subway Nakayama Station
Address 5F/6F 1-6-15 Nakayama,Midori-ku

Minami Lounge (Minami Citizens Activity & Multicultural Lounge)

Access 5-min. walk from Subway Bandobashi Station,10-min. walk from Keikyu Line Koganecho Station
Address 10F Urafune Fukugo Fukushi Shisetsu 3-46 Urafune-cho Minami-ku