International Lounges

What you can do at International Lounge

You can obtain daily-life information

You can consult in multi-languages


You can attend Japanese classes they offer

You (both Japanese and foreign residents) can request an interpreter.

(some conditions apply)

You can have chances to international exchage with Japanese.

There are 11 International Lounges within Yokohama, and each lounge is a facility set by its ward in reasons for supporting foreign residents, for international exchanges, and for multi-cultural living.

They offer multi-lingual consultation and programs such as Japanese classes foreign residents can attend. They also provide opportunities for both Japanese and foreign residents to communicate and exchange with each other through various events.

You can participate in as a volunteer
Why don’t you go visit an international lounge near by?

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Aoba International Lounge

1 min. walk from Tana Station on Tokyu Denen Toshi Line

Izumi Multicultural Community Corner

5 min. walk from Izumi-Chuo Station on Sotetsu Izumino Line

Konan International Lounge

3 min. walk from Kamiooka Station on Keikyu Line or Municipal Subway, Blue Line

Kohoku International Lounge

8 min. walk from Kikuna Station on JR or Tokyu Toyoko Line

Kanazawa International Lounge

12 min. walk from Kanazawa-Hakkei or Kanazawa-Bunko Station

on Keikyu Line

Tsuzuki Multicultural& Youth Plaza

(Tsuzuki MY Plaza)

3 min. walk from Center Kita Station on Municipal Subway,

Blue Line /Green Line

Tsurumi International Lounge

2min. walk from JR Tsurumi Station or Keikyu Tsurumim Station

on Keikyu Line

Naka International Lounge

3 min. walk from Nihon-Odori Station on Minatomirai Line

Midori International Lounge

2 min. walk from Nakayama Station on Municipal Subway, Green Line

or JR Yokohama Line

Minami Citizen’s Center/Multicultural Lounge

5 min. walk from Bandobashi Station on Municipal Subway, Blue Line

Hodogaya International Lounge

2 min. walk from Tenno-Cho Station on Sotetsu Line

Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE)

Yokohama International Organization Center 5F, Pacifico Yokohama,

1-1-1 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama 220-0012

Tel: 045-222-1171 (representative)

Fax: 045-222-1187

YOKOHAMA Foreign Residents Information Center

Tel: 045-222-1209

FAX: 045-222-1187

Basically, you can consult about anything

Whenever you have a problem, feel free to contact us.