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Ice Skating Challenge 2019

Enjoy a day with ice skating lessons, experiencing ice hockey goal shooting, and seeing the performance of a figure skating exhibition. See the website for details.

Limit: 100 people *First-come basis

Eligibility: From 4 yrs old to adult.

Date&Time: Sep. 29 (Sun) 9:30-11:45

Fee: 1,800 yen for adult, 1,300 yen for child, 300 yen for just watching

Location: Bank of Yokohama Ice Arena (5 min walk from JR Higashikanagawa Stn)

To Apply: Between Aug. 20 and Sep. 20, please apply online by using the application form available on the Ice Arena website.

Inquiries: Bank of Yokohama Ice Arena (045) 411-8008 (*J) Fax (045) 411-8010