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At Yokohama Noh Theater

Nogaku encompasses both Noh and Kyogen. Many Noh plays tend to be tragedies. On the other hand, Kyogen plays are based on daily lives of average people and tend to be comedy and actors do not wear masks during the play.

Come experience a traditional Japanese play. *Two Kyogen plays will be conducted in Japanese, and no Noh play this time.

Date&Time: Feb. 9 (Sun), 14:00-15:35

Limit: 486 people *First-come basis

Fee: 2,000 yen

Location: Yokohama Nogaku-dou (Noh Theater) (27-2 Momigigaoka, Nishi-ku, 15 min walk from JR Sakuragicho Stn)

To Apply: On Jan. 11 (Sat) starting from noon, you can call or via web site to apply. From Jan. 12 (Sun), you apply at the location. Please note that Yokohama Nogaku-dou is closed on Jan. 20 and 27.

Inquiries: (045) 263-3055 (*J) Fax (045) 263-3031