• YOKE02

Storage Places for Stoma Pouches (artificial anus and urostomy) in an emergency

We offer you storage places for stoma which suit individuals’ features so that you can spend your days with no worries for a while in an emergency.

Limit: Chosen by lottery

Eligibility: Those who have an address in Yokohama City and use Stoma pouches

Fee: Free

To Apply: Fill out an application form and send it by mail from June 1 (Mon) to June 30 (Tue). Application forms are available at Ward offices or on the website. *Send to 〒231-0005 Naka-ku honcho 6-50-10 Kenko Fukishi-kyoku Shogai Shisaku Suisinn-ka


Inquiries: Kenko Fukushi-kyoku Shogai Shisaku Suishin-Ka (045) 671-3603 (Japanese)