Minna-no “Wa!” Festival at Minami Citizens’ Activities/Multicultural Lounge

Come to this annual event anybody can enjoy! Groups of volunteers registered in Minami-ku area gather round to host a festival featuring free-tea sampling of many different countries, food and dance from all over the world. Participants can try on a kimono or chimajeogori, a traditional Korean ourfit. There will be Japanese speeches given by international learners and other workshops as well. Come enjoy!

Date&Time: Nov. 17 (Sun), 11:00-15:00

Location: Minami Shimin Katsudo/Tabunka Kyosei Lounge and Urafune Community House (5 min walk from Bandobashi Stn on the Municipal Subway)

Fee: Free

To Apply: Please go directly to the location.

Inquiries: (045) 232-9544