Financial Support for School Fees: Change in Application Period

Financially disadvantaged families with children who go to municipal elementary schools in Yokohama may be eligible to receive financial assistance to help cover the costs for items such as school supplies and school trips. Financial support for entering elementary school used to be provided in March, but it will be changed to December. Those who are eligible, please apply without fail.

Eligibility: Parents and Guardians of children who are entering public elementary schools in Yokohama in April, 2020 who have with financial difficulties.

To Apply:

Fill out a form which is enclosed with Shugaku Tsuuchi-sho (notice of entering elementary school) that you should receive around Oct. 17. *Those who moved after Oct. 17, inquire at your local ward office, Koseki-ka (Family Registry Division).

Application Period: from Nov. 11 (Mon) to Nov. 15 (Fri)

Inquiries: About application, contact the elementary school your child(ren) are going to. For other inquiries, contact the Board of Education, Gakko Shien Chiiki Renkei-ka (045) 671-3270 (*J) Fax (045) 681-1414

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