Dondo Yaki

Dondo Yaki is an event after the New Year’s holidays are over. People gather around a powerfully-burning bonfire to wish for happiness in the New Year. Bring the calligraphy drawn on New Year’s Day and New Year’s decorations. *Please remove plastic, metal, or ceramic parts ahead of the time. First 300 people can receive sweet potato baked in this bonfire.

Date&Time: Jan. 12 (Sun), 13:00-15:00 *In case of rain or strong wind, it will be postponed to the next day, Jan. 13 (holiday).

*For a baked sweet potato, you can get a ticket starting from 9:30 at the Chuo-Hiroba (the central square) and can exchange the ticket with a baked sweet potato between 13:30 and 14:30. Children might get a chance to get a sweet potato without a ticket starting from 14:30. There will be marshmallow toasting between 13:45 and 15:00.

Location: Chuo-Hiroba (the central square), Kodomono-kuni (3 min walk from Kodomono-kuni Stn)

Admission Fee: 600 yen for adults (high school students and above), 200 yen for elementary and Jr. high school students, and 100 yen for toddlers (3yrs and up)

To Apply: Please go directly to the location.