Central Career Training School

Central Career Training School is a municipal school that offers classes for those who wish to find work or change careers. It offers classes for (1) OA accounting and nursing care careers/medical clerical work, (2) Basic computer skills, and (3) CAD (computer aided design). *Please note that this is a school for people who seek jobs in a Japanese environment. Applicants must be able to speak, read and write Japanese fluently.

Limit: 20 people per course

Eligibility: People who do not have a job at the moment (Priority is given to single parents and those on welfare.)

Training period: (1) April 13 to July 21 (2) April 13 to June 22 (3) April 14 to Sep. 29

Application Period: March 13 to March 26

Briefing Date&Time: March 9; 10:00 and 14:00

Location: Chuo Shokugyo Kunren-ko (7 min walk from Ishikawacho Stn on the JR Negishi Line)

Fee: Free (except for textbooks, which will be approx. 9,000 yen to 14,000 yen)

To Apply: Please apply using an application form available from the City Hall Information Center, the Training School, Ward Offices, Administrative Service Corners and Hello Work from March 13 (Fri) to March 26 (Thu)

Inquiries: (045) 664-6825 (Japanese)