Regarding the new strain of Coronavirus

What is the Coronavirus?

The new strain of Coronavirus (COVID-19), first discovered in China in December 2019, is an infectious virus that affects the respiratory system. It is reported to cause coughing, fevers and pneumonia. The virus is transmitted through coughing/sneezing and direct contact with contaminated surfaces.

Please contact a “Coronavirus Consultation Center” if you have any of the below symptoms:

Cold symptoms and/or a fever above 37.5℃ which lasts for 4 days or more (2 days or more for the elderly or those with preexisting health problems.) Heavy physical fatigue or trouble breathing

If it appears that you may have coronavirus, the center will introduce you to medical facilities that are able to treat you. Please wear a mask and make your way to the medical facilities, without using public transport where possible.

A list of the Coronavirus Consultation Centers

Preventing the Spread of Infection

Please refrain from going to work or school if you have symptoms such as a fever or cold

Individual actions to prevent infection:

· After going outside, wash your hands and gargle

· Disinfect your hands using an alcohol-based disinfectant

· Avoid visiting crowded areas

· Keep rooms humid and well ventilated

· Lead a regular lifestyle, and get enough rest

· Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids

Preventing Infection through proper “Coughing Etiquette”

· If you have symptoms of coughing or sneezing, wear a mask

· If you don’t have a mask, when you sneeze or cough, do so into a tissue or the crook of your elbow

Further information on the New Coronavirus (Easy Japanese, English)