Application for Elderly People’s Public Housing

These nongovernmental housing units authorized by the city are for people over 60 years old. Eligible persons may apply for this registration list for 13 housing units in Ichigao-cho, Aoba-ku and other places. The order for this registration will be set by lottery beforehand, and the eligible persons will be notified when a vacancy is applied for.

Eligibility: People who are living or working in Yokohama and are 60 years old or over at the time of application.

To Apply: Fill out an application form available at any Ward Office’s Koho Sodan Kakari (Public Relation Section), City Hall Citizens’ Information Center, or Gyosei Service Corner (Administrative Service Corners) from June 5 and mail it by June 26. *See the application form for more details.

Inquiries: Kenchiku-kyoku Jutaku Seisaku-ka (Housing and Architecture Bureau, Housing Policy Division) (045) 671-4121 (Japanese) Fax (045) 671-2756

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