Subsidy Program for Sustaining Business

Many businesses expect a decline in revenue because of the new coronavirus infectious disease outbreak. The Japanese government is going to provide subsidies to struggling companies and sole proprietors/individual businesses.

Eligibility: Businesses have to meet the following requirements:

1. Businesses’ sales decreased by 50% or more compared with the same month of the previous year by the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.

2. Businesses had sales before 2019 and are willing to continue their business

3. For companies whose capital is less than 1 billion yen or the number of regular employees is 2,000 or less

Subsidy: Subsidy amount is whichever is smaller of the two below:

(1) Sales decline from last year as calculated by the following formula.

(2) Upper limit: 2 million Japanese yen for the small-medium enterprises or 1 million Japanese yen for sole proprietors/individual businesses.

Formula of the Sales decline is as follows:

Sales decline = Sales amount of last year - (Sales of a month 50% or more declined against the same month last year X 12)

To Apply: Check the website for more details.

Inquires: Call Center 0120-115-570 From IP phone: 03-6831-0613

8:30-19:00 (every day in May and June/ Sun-Fri in July to December)

or check the English website of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry below

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