Sickness Allowance for National Health Insurance Member(New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Related)

If you are a member of National Health Insurance who has not received enough salary from your employer because of your being infected or being suspected of having the new coronavirus infectious disease, and you have to take time off work, sickness allowance will be provided.

Eligibility: Those who meet all of the following 4 conditions:

(1) A member of Yokohama city National Health Insurance who is a salary-paid worker

(2) A person who has to take time off work because of being infected or being suspected of having the new coronavirus infectious disease

(3) A person who has missed work continuously for 3 days and has missed work either on the 4th day or any day(s) after, and the 4th day is between January 1 and September 30, 2020.

(4) A person whose salary has not been paid or is partly reduced.

Period of Payment: Period you were planning to work but couldn’t. It starts 3 days after the day you can’t work. *for the maximum of 18 months

Allowance: (The net total of the latest continued 3 month-salary ÷working days) x 2/3 x days

*When your salary is partly paid and/or other compensation benefits are being paid, this allowance could be reduced or won’t be provided.

*There is the upper limit for this allowance.

To Apply: Fill out the application forms and submit them to your local ward offices.

*There are forms your employer and your doctor need to fill out as well.

City of Yokohama Website: (English)

Inquiries: Your local ward office, Hoken Nenkin-ka (Insurance and Pension Section) (*J)

Check the website above for each ward office’s contact number

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