Yokohama Central Career Training School

For those who wish to find work or change careers to a Japanese-speaking environment, Yokohama Central Career Training School offers classes starting October for (1) practical computer skill, (2) CAD (Computer Aided Design)

Limit: 20 people for each course

*Priority is given to parents of single-parent families and those who are on welfare. *Chosen by screening

Eligibility: Those who are currently unemployed

Training Period: (1) Oct. 12 to Dec. 17 (2) Oct. 13 to Mar. 26, 2021

Application Period: Aug. 27 to Sep. 11

Briefing Date & Time: Aug. 26, 10:00- and 14:00-

Location: Chuo Shokugyo Kunren-kou (Central career training school) (7 min walk from JR Ishikawacho Stn North Exit or 11 min walk from Motomachi Chukgai Stn, No.5 Exit on the Minatomirai Line)

Fee: Free *for textbooks and other materials: between 9,000 yen and 14,000 yen

To Apply: Please apply using an application form available from Training School, Ward Offices, Administrative Service Corners, and Hello Work.

Inquiries: Chuo Shokugyo Kunren-kou (045) 664-6825 (Japanese)


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