Special Cash Payments by Yokohama City

Have you made an application for Special COVID-19 related Cash Payments? The deadline is September 10 (Thu).

Those who have your name on the Basic Resident Resister in Yokohama on April 27, 2020 can receive 100,000 yen. The application form is sent to the householder. Please check the details written on the form, put your seal or sign on it and write the bank account you want the money paid into. You also need a document that certifies your bank account such as a copy of your bank book and a copy of a document that shows your identity. Insert those documents in the return envelope and mail via a post office drop box. Please be careful that on the form in box(es) of person(s) eligible for the payment, only check the box(es) if you do NOT wish to receive payments. Applications are not accepted at Ward Administration Offices or City Hall. Please submit your application by mail.

Inquiries: Special Cash Payments Call Center (Navi dial: 0570-045592) Monday-Friday, 9:00-17:00

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