Financiale Support System for Higher Education

If you are a foreign high school student wishing to get a higher education but worrying about finance or a foreign student wishing to continue your study without any financiale worries, you might be able to receive exemptions/reductions of tuition fees/ admission fee and benefit-type scholarships.

Eligibility: 1. Special permanent resident 2. Permanent resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, or 3. Long Term Resident who is recognized by the head of the school as having the intention of living in Japan permanently. 1.2. or 3 who meets household income and asset requirements and is willing to study hard at a school you are intended to go to.

To Apply:

Benefit-type scholarships: Previous fiscal year of your entering a school/ after entering a school

Exemptions/reductions of tuition fees etc.: after entering a school *Deadlines vary from school to school.

*Please apply through the school you are currently attending.



Inquiries: 0570-666-301 (*J) (Mon-Fri: 9:00-20:00 *Weekday only)

*Please check the above websites before inquiring or consulting this number.

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