Bullying at School

Let me introduce one of the cases we, the YOKOHAMA Foreign Resident Information Center, received.


I have lived in Japan for 20 years. My son in a Jr. high school seems to be bullied at school.

He experienced his box lunch being sprinkled with trash and his slippers being thrown away. It seems that bad words are written about him on SNS. I’m worried about his studies because he hasn’t been to school lately. I consulted with his homeroom teacher, but I couldn’t get enough support.


First of all, it is best to consult the school. At your last meeting with his homeroom teacher, it seems like you had a hard time communicating in Japanese, so why don't you talk with the school through an interpreter once?

After that, you can also consult with your local ward office, Children and Families Support Division, and a school counselor at the General Education Consultation Center.

Also, spending a lot of time at home without going to school can be stressful for him and you may be worried about delays in his learning, so why not consider a so-called free school? There are also learning support classes in Yokohama for foreign children.

Either way, you can consult through an interpreter, so let's think together while firmly accepting your child's feelings.

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